((Hey guys, long time no talk. Unfortunately I have some bad news.

I’ve decided to stop using these RP accounts (Service and Ultimo) since I really don’t have a lot of time for them with school and exams coming up and come summer time I’ll be starting work and collage after that so things will be hectic for a while. I’ve been neglecting them both a lot already and it was a tough decision to leave them after such a short time. I love these characters and this series a lot but have very little time to devote to RPing with everything else I’ve got going on along with my other two full time blogs.

I made the silly mistake of making the accounts with personal email addresses so I cant pass them on as they are, but I can give up the character to someone else who can hopefully contribute a lot more than I was able to. I don’t think I’ll delete these two blogs though just yet.

I’ll still be following all these RP adventures on my personal blog however because you guys are fantastic at this and its really fun to see you bring such an amazing series to life~

I had fun with this though and I hope you all keep up the good work uwu~ <3))

askslow-deactivated20130112 asked
Well it's a good thing you and Sophia are hanging out. Has there been any word from Yamato or Ultimo Service?

"Nothing from either of them," He sighed "I wish we knew what was going on…"

sopiajust asked
*Pokes his visors* You awake?

"A-ah Sophia, sorry I haven’t been around for a while!"

((Wooooow look who absolutely sucks.

I’m sorry guys!!

I got so caught up with school I forgot about these blogs, I’ll have to get better at updating ;A ;))

sopiajust asked
*Comes from behind and pokes his visors*

"Wah! oh Sophia!" He quickly spun around to hug the other doji "Hi there~"

askslow-deactivated20130112 asked
Well it's good that they're at bay, so we don't have to deal with them. I'm getting pretty lonely ever since Machi-san retired from being my master. And besides, Akitsu-san has been pretty busy, along with the others. How about you?

"I’ve just been bored really, it seems like no ones around anymore. But I have been talking with Sophia."

RPer/Character QA Time! Inbox me!

1. RPer's real name?

2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her?

3. If my character was born in a different era, what would I change about him/her?

4. Rper x Character; how would our relationship go?

5. Give one headcanon l have about my character(s).

6. Favourite thing about character.

7. What do you imagine when I think of my character?

8. If I changed your character's clothing options, what would I change and why?

9. If my character were to be given a haircut by me, what would I do?

10. If my character were to die, how would I react?

11. What is character's biggest secret?

12. What does RPer ship character with?

13. Worse moment for character.

14. Best moment for character.

15. What RPer secretly wants character to do.

16. How character reacts to magic anons.

17. What RPer likes about character.

18. What character prefers the most on Tumblr.

19. Most likely scenario for character on Tumblr.

20. What does RPer dislike about character?

Anonymous asked
( You're a very cute service rper, keep it up! )

(( oh gosh ;A ; why thank you my dear anonabro~~))

sopiajust asked
Yes, I know how you feel, it's hard and very sad to let master be hurt even trying my best, he is feeling all that pain because I can't do it better.. it feels very sad if I was broken and couldn't protect him.. oh but if we keep thinking we are being a burden to them they will got angry and say we are wrong and call us ungrateful ones *Giggle* Our bond with them is indeed strong and pure, we can't consider it like painful.. I have another great friend right here, why should I complain?

"Its all just one big mess isn’t it, but your right I shouldn’t look at it all as a bad thing. We made some amazing friends and there’s plenty of good things to think about too!"